Global School Program

Our school, recently sent two of its teachers, Mrs Rama Naryanaswamy, Head Teacher and Mrs. Nalini Subramanian, PRO, to its partner school in U.K, The Edward Richardson Primary School, Lincolnshire, under the auspices of the Global School Partnership programme, to spend a week at the school and exchange with the teachers and students of the partner school, various ideas and facets of global learning.

It was a hectic schedule beginning with a power point presentation on Chennai, wherein the children and the staff of the Partner school were taken through a journey of how Chennai was associated with Britishers right from the 17th Century when Robert Clive arrived on the shores of Madras and how it was then to what it is now. The children were also given an idea of what our school was like and how technology savvy we were. The children of The Edward Richardson primary School celebrated their harvest festival while our teachers were there. This gave us the opportunity to tell the people of Lincolnshire, who are mostly farmers, how harvest festivals are celebrated in India. The people there were appreciative of the colour and festivity involved in any celebration of ours. A power point presentation on Gandhiji was also presented before a very interested audience of 6th standard students. Teaching sessions in History, Mathematics, Rangoli drawing and Story telling were very educative experiences as it proved to be an eye opener. The teachers were given a taste of the immense interest and curiosity the children had hidden within them about India and Chennai in particular. The various Vedic mathematics methods used by Mrs. Rama Narayanaswamy to explain concepts such as decimals or simple multiplication went down very well with the senior students. Hobnobbing with the Who’s Who of Lincolnshire District was the highlight of this visit. This included a meeting with Mr. Chris Harris the Lincolnshire ambassador to the British council and the Principals of the two top Senior Secondary Schools of the Lincolnshire District. A visit to these two schools was arranged for us and it was a real treat to visit both these schools. We were exposed to a plethora of highly developed infrastucture offered to children who preferred to specialise in vocational subjects such as art,carpentry,cookery,textile designing etc.

What stole the show was a session in Indian dancing through the video conferencing facility which had the children of Calibre Academy teach the basic Bharata Natyam steps to children of Year 1 and Year 2 of the partner school in UK. The Children of both the schools had a wonderful time communicating with each other across the” seven seas” through a video link. The British Council ambassador was very appreciative of this attempt of ours to literally bind the children together by a Global Link. The children, the staff and the parents of the children of the partner school were very receptive to whatever the teachers had to offer them.

As Mrs. Rama Narayanaswamy, the Head Teacher of Calibre Academy put it, the trip was an eye opener. It reiterated the fact that the world has indeed shrunk, thanks to the advancement in our technology which makes it simpler for everyone to establish global links with each other.

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